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Content Creator

Twitch Channel Name: JolieNiccole

Date You Started Streaming: August 2021 Main 3 Games You Stream: Variety Streamer = An everchanging roster of games, lately including Valorant, Fortnite, Uno, and spooky games! Games You Play Off Stream: Elden Ring, CoD, even more Valorant

Schedule (If you have one): Finding the right balance currently typically has 4-5 streams a week around 6pm CT. Earlier streams starting this summer 2022!

Hobbies You Enjoy IRL: TRAVEL! Spending time with friends, doing art, driving + singing at the top of my lungs, movie watching, and listening to an insane amount of true crime podcasts.

Where you'd like to see your channel in a year: I'd love to continue to grow my community, have poppin' community nights in our discord, & pass the 1000 followers goal! Random Fact About Yourself: I'm legally blind (o.O)

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